Place of taste and pleasure

Muu House, born in the heart of Milan, is place of taste and pleasure for lovers of quality meat. For our meat and raw material, we have selected the best farms and suppliers to guarantee you only Italian and international excellence.
Some of the big names we rely on are Longino, HRC gourmet, Vacum and la Martesana, simply the best when it comes to meat. Thanks to his skills, our chef, Jhoulee Bravo, can prepare the best cuts as well as offering delicious appetizers, first courses and amazing desserts. In our restaurants, the open kitchen allows you to experience the preparation of the dishes, personally assessing the quality and freshness of the ingredients. At Muu House we use the “Josper” oven, which elegantly blends the characteristic aspects of the oven and grill in a single machine. Its high temperatures allow us to obtain excellent results with every food, always guaranteeing the highest levels of quality.